La Alemagna
dedicated to honour the work of
Matthias Dammann


Stiff but light for the topwood are the main features all
guitar builders hunt for.

In 1989 Matthias Dammann built the first so-calles double
top guitar by using two tops and putting honeycomb
Nomax material in the middle.

The reduction in weight led to anouther increase in volume. But even though there is less than 2 mm of real wood left axial and tangential stiffness of the wood is most important to keep the sweetness in sound.

So the real name should be double split double top.
I could not find out whether Dammann or Smallman did the lattice bracing first, bud Dammann still uses all wood bracing.

Because the majority of touring artists prefer to play the
double top construction today the Dammann idea of top
construction is the biggest milestone of german guitar
building to me.





the lattice bracing system