La Bavaria
dedicated to honour the work of
Hermann Hauser I

At the beginning of the 20th century electricity and technology changed the music live. For the first time in history it was possible to store music on records, tape recorders or send music arount the world by radio.

Besides of his live concerts, the new technology helped Andre Segovia to become the first world wide known superstar of the classic guitar.

After Segovia visited the workshop of Hermann Hauser I for repair readsons of his Torres guitar, Hermann Hauser was very impressed of the Torres construction.

He changed his own design to the Torres design but left his own way in stressing the top by the bridge for example. The biggest heritage Hauser I left to guitar players is the way he shaped the fingerboard to allow a more easy playing on the higher frets.

The guitar he built for Segovia and he played for many years found entry in the collection of the Museum od Modern Art in New York.

The measurements of the Milestone La Bavaria are based on this guitar.




the seven bar fan bracing