La Romantica
dedicated to honour the work of
René François Lacôte

Please remember, during the Rompantic or Biedermeier time,
there was no electricity, radio, TV or cinema, and no microphone or speaker systems.

Guitar concerts became very popular, but the audience was
limited to the volume of the slim body and ladder braced
instruments of those day (see example: Antonie Stradivarius
top bracing of 1699).

Please make my next guitar louder was the standard request
touring artists gave to the builders.

Lakote reacted by introducing two major design changes.
He gave the slim body shape more belly and spread the lower
bout ladder braces in an unparallel manner. This allowed a
larger part of the lower bout top to act as a membrane. The
ladder brace construction was kept and the result was a
louder and sweeter guitar sound.

The sound of the milestone La Romantiva model is designed
for early guitar music, but the milestone La Romantica also
works well as a tool of seduction when you play modern love
songs to your sweetheart.





bracing and shape evolution:            standard slim ladder braced body:
René François Lacôte                     Antonio Stradivarius 1699